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Our Strawberry Jalapeño Jelly is simply amazing. A perfect blend of strawberries, and Texas grown jalapeños, to give you a beautiful combination of Texas heat with a little bit of sweet.


Gluten-freee. No MSG.


12 oz.

Nemo's Strawberry Jalapeño Jelly

SKU: 99256
  • "Nemo’s is out here killing the food game! This BBQ Sauce is scrumptious, but OMG THIS Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly!!!! Oooooooweee it is yummy! Get you some!!! Put it on cream cheese and ate it with crackers. It’s so good it made my daughter do a dance.” – Chris


    “Everybody knows the spicy jelly cream cheese appetizer… you need to go to Nemo’s and get the Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly!!! The perfect mix of sweet and heat, and the strawberry adding a great change compared to what you find in your local stores! It’s amazing!!!!” – Mary Kay


    “Nemo’s Products are perfect fo every occasion, and made right here in Austin, Texas! If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for friends/family/co-worker or honestly, yourself you should definitely check them out.” – Bobbi

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