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Hear what
folks are sayin' about Nemo's!

“We love your BBQ Rub”- Laqueta

“We used Nemo’s BBQ Sauce and intended to take a picture but my boys finished it off before I could snap a pic.“ – Jennifer

“Nemo’s is my go to rub! I always order two bottles at a time. Never want to run out! The BBQ Sauce is out of this world” – Dean from Dayton Ohio

“It is so good and the BBQ Sauce is great!” – Lisa

“Smoked some salmon today with hickory wood just to try out the latest shipment of the Nemo’s All Purpose Rub. I also picked up one of those awesome hats and the new Sissy Sauce. The rub is perfect for smoked salmon and my first chance to use the latest sauce. It’s sweet, tangy with warmth, earthiness and a peppery finish that tingles your taste buds. Sassy Sissy Sauce is packed with flavor so a little goes a long way. I used it as a sauce this go round but will use it as a binder for the All Purpose Rub next time I smoke salmon.” – Hercules

“Grilled an amazing tri-tip with the best rub from Nemo’s!” – James and Ana

“Nemo’s All Purpose Rub is great! I use it on EVERYTHING” – Coach Spradling

“Nemo’s BBQ Shrimp Tacos!! You are missing out if you haven’t tried Nemo’s BBQ Sauce and dry rub. So Good!” – Coach Spradling

“Nemo’s Products are perfect for every occasion and made right here in Austin, Texas! If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for friends/family/co-worker or honestly, yourself you should definitely check them out.” – Bobbi

“Let me tell you….. This Nemo’s Rub is the Best! I use it on hamburgers, steaks, chicken, pork eggs…. I basically put it on everything! We love the BBQ Sauce too!” – Chuck

“Bro. I threw that rub on some chicken quarters last night, then on the recteq. YUM!!”


“Bacon wrapped back strap, seasoned perfectly with Nemo’s AP Rub and served with Nemo’s BBQ Sauce!!! AMAZING!!!” – Mary Kay

“Pulled pork sandwiches with the best BBQ Sauce for the win!!!” – James

“The rub is delicious but don’t forget to buy the BBQ Sauce as well! Soo good.” - Vivian

“I used your rub on European Sea Bass tonight and it was scrumdidliumpcious!” – Kettra

“Nemo’s Gift Box was the perfect gift for my parents! Even used the rub on our Christmas dinner. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out.” – Lee

“Everybody knows the spicy jelly cream cheese appetizer… you need to go to Nemo’s and get the Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly!!! The perfect mix of sweet and heat, and the strawberry adding a great change compared to what you find in your local stores! It’s amazing!!!!”
Mary Kay


“Nemo’s BBQ Rub on farm raised pork ribs. I've used the rub on beef fajitas before and it’s delicious!” – Katie

“We used it on veggies and it came out great!!!!” – Christina

“Our friend Nemo has put out some great products!!! We used the BBQ Sauce on our pulled pork sandwiches and it was amazing!!! He also has a great all purpose rub and jalapeno jelly! Go out and get some!!!” - Greg

"The Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly is awesome!” – Bryan

"Nemo’s is out here killing the food game! This BBQ Sauce is scrumptious, but OMG THIS Strawberry Jalapeno Jelly!!!! Oooooooweee it is yummy! Get you some!!! Put it on cream cheese and ate it with crackers. It’s so good it made my daughter do a dance.” – Chris

"Smoked BBQ Wings! Nemo’s has a bomb sauce!” – Coach Wendell

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