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If you are looking for a rub with versatility, look no further, you have found it! Nemo’s All-Purpose Rub is made of a simple blend of spices, to excite all taste buds. Bold touches of salt, black pepper, chili powder, and some other spices make this rub come together perfectly. Treat your meat, vegetables, or anything else in the kitchen!


Gluten-free. No MSG. No additives


10.2 oz.


Ingredients: Sea salt, ground black pepper, onion powder, chili powder, (a blend of chili pepper, spices, garlic, corn oil and silicon dioxide), cayenne pepper.



Nemo's All Purpose Rub

SKU: 99251
  • “Let me tell you….. This Nemo’s Rub is the Best! I use it on hamburgers, steaks, chicken, pork eggs…. I basically put it on everything! We love the BBQ Sauce too!” – Chuck


    “Nemo’s All Purpose Rub is great! I use it on EVERYTHING” – Coach Spradling


    "Bro. I threw that rub on some chicken quarters last night, then on the recteq. YUM!!” – Chuck


    “We used it on veggies and it came out great!!!!” – Christina


    “I used your rub on European Sea Bass tonight and it was scrumdidliumpcious!” – Kettra


    “Smoked some salmon today with hickory wood just to try out the latest shipment of the All Nemo’s All Purpose Rub. I also picked up one of those awesome hats and the new Sissy Sauce. The rub is perfect for smoked salmon and my first chance to use the latest sauce. It’s sweet, tangy with warmth, earthiness and a peppery finish that tingles your taste buds. Sassy Sissy Sauce is packed with flavor so a little goes a long way. I used it as a sauce this go round but will use it as a binder for the All Purpose Rub next time I smoke salmon” – Hercules


    “Nemo’s BBQ Rub on farm raised pork ribs. I used the rub on beef fajitas before and it’s delicious!” – Katie


    "We love your BBQ Rub”- Laqueta


    “Grilled an amazing tri-tip with the best rub from Nemo’s!” – James and Ana


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