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Nemo's Pork Ribs

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

NEMO’S Pork Ribs


1 Slab of your choice of Ribs: Spare or Baby Back

Nemo’s All Purpose Rub


Brown Sugar

Nemo’s Original BBQ Sauce

Cook Time: 4hrs to 4 1/2hrs

Step 1

Heat Grill/Smoker to a temperature of 275 F to 300 F

Step 2

Lightly dust Ribs with Nemo’s All Purpose Rub. Add a generous amount of Paprika and Brown Sugar to taste.

Step 3

Put Ribs on grill with indirect heat Rib side down.

Step 4

Cook the Ribs for 2hrs at 275 ®F to 300 ®F unwrapped

Step 5

Wrap Ribs in foil for 1hr to 1 1/2hrs (or until tender)

Step 6

Unwrap and glaze the Ribs with Nemo’s Original BBQ Sauce, then place Ribs back on the Grill/Smoker to allow the sauce to caramelize to a mahogany color.

Step 7

Take the Ribs off the Grill/Smoker and pat yourself on the back because you are now a BBQ Legend!

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